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Total Recall, Analog Mixdown & Stem Mastering:

In our mixing studio you will have all the advantages that analog recording gear gives you in combination with all the digital possibilities of plugins. We have 52 Channels in total on the analog desk (which is a custom rebuild console with SSL 4000 G Equalizers and Neve Summing Cards in the Mastersection). It is possible to re-record your analog mix into the DAW, to edit and automate it and save it digitally. Your mix is saved in total recall - but there was a lot of analog gear used in the mixing process. We basicly do an online mixing service, but of course you can book the studio for a live mixing session. Just drop us an eMail for any questions.


Mixing | Mixdown Studio Mixing | Mixdown Studio

Mixing & mastering services from our mixing studio Berlin. Specializing in: Pop, RnB, and Dance. Get mainstream mixing for airplay & clubs.


Mixing Mixing

Mixing Music Services: Get a modern & powerful Sound for your track. Genres: Hip Hop, RnB, Pop, Dance.

Stem Mastering & Mixing - Online Services

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Creative Blue Music Production - Online Stem Mastering Service

If you have your mix in several groups, for example Drums & Bass, Synths, Guitars, Strings, we can do a group by group mastering for you, which is a kind of service between mixing and mastering, and it is available at more affordable rates than a complete mixing.
We are well equipped with some of the greatest analog gear, ranging from Lexicon Hall, API & GML Equalizers, and Vari Mu Compressors, to a Telefunken M15 Tape machine. We have everything you need to get a big sound out of your music. Just contact us about any mixing or mastering needs.

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