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cb arrangement studio 240

Arrangement | Music Production | Sound Design Arrangement | Music Production | Sound Design

Get quality modern sounds for your music productions. Specialty in the genres RnB, Hip Hop, Pop, and Dance. We make professional arrangements & offer complete mixing.

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Musicproduction - Single Album Songproduction | Pop Dance RnB


In a music arrangement we can combine classic synths and instruments with modern samples and software synthesizers to create a new and modern sound. For Musicproduction we work in the genres Pop, RnB and Dance. We can create a fashionable arrangement of your song. We mainly doing mainstream Music Production and Mixing.

What is an Arrangement, what will I get?

When you get your arrangement, you will have all the single tracks of it, you can use them in your production and work with them as flexible as you want. You can use the arrangement as playback for recording or live-shows, or you can just use single tracks of the arrangement in your final Mixdown, or use them for Remixes.


For any kind of music arrangements / music production, please dont hesitate to contact us.

eMail us
at music@creativeblue.de