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Arrangement | Mixdown | Recording Services Arrangement | Mixdown | Recording Services

Arrangement, Mixdown, Recording, Mastering Service - Now get high quality arrangement, recording and mixing for your song! Our studio in Berlin has a large recording space and a lot of excellent analo

Mixdown - Online Service Mixdown - Online Service

We have high-end analog studio gear for mixes & production. Our mixing services are available online.

Mixing & Mastering


Stem Mastering

If you have your mix in several groups, for example Drums & Bass, Synths, Guitars, Strings, we can do a group by group mastering for you, which is a kind of service between mixing and mastering, and it is available at more affordable rates than a complete mixing.
We are well equipped with some of the greatest analog gear, ranging from Lexicon Hall, API & GML Equalizers, and Vari Mu Compressors, to a Telefunken M15 Tape machine. We have everything you need to get a big sound out of your music. Just contact us about any mixing or mastering needs.

mixingservice tonstudio mixingCreative Blue Online Mixing Services:
Mixdown - You can work with us completely online! Just send your session to our server, and we will do a professional quality mixdown very quickly for you. To contact us please use our eMail music@creativeblue.de

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