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CreativeBlue Music Production - Arrangement, Mixdown, Recording

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Now get a modern new sound for your music! In a music arrangement we can combine classic synths and instruments with modern samples and software synthesizers to create a new and modern sound. We work in the genres of Pop, RnB and Dance. We can write a fashionable arrangement of your song. We also do sound design, drum and synth programming.

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Get mixing & stem-mastering at affordable rates. We are equipped with some of the greatest analog gear, ranging from Lexicon Hall, API & GML Equalizers, and Vari Mu Compressors, to a Telefunken M15 Tape machine - everything needed to get a big sound out of your music. Just contact us about any mixing or mastering needs.

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Recording:   In addition to the two specialized recording booths, our recording studio features a 75 m2 recording room with great acoustics. You can even do live recordings, having drums playing in the main room, vocals in our vocal booth, and guitars in our secondary recording room. We offer a variety of instruments, pieces of equipment, and microphones available to use in recording sessions.


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