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Creative Blue Online Mixing Services:


Mixdown - We mix Analog / Digital in our Mixing Studio in Berlin (Germany). You can work with us completely online. Just send your Session to our server, we will do a mixdown fery fast for you.

To contact us please use our eMail music@creativeblue.de


Arrangement | Mixdown | Recording Services Arrangement | Mixdown | Recording Services

Arrangement, Mixdown, Recording, Mastering Service - Now get high quality arrangement, recording and mixing for your song! Our studio in Berlin has a large recording space and a lot of excellent analo


Mixdown - Online Service Mixdown - Online Service

We have high-end analog studio gear for mixes & production. Our mixing services are available online.


Musicproduction - Single Album Songproduction | Pop Dance RnB Musicproduction - Single Album Songproduction | Pop Dance RnB

send your songs for musicproduction | Pop Dance RnB | get fast arrangement with modern sounds


Recording Studio | Music Recording Recording Studio | Music Recording

We offer recording, mixing, and music production. Our main room is well suited for your drum recordings, and we have two specialized booths.


Downloads | Presets | Special Offers Downloads | Presets | Special Offers

Creative Blue Music Production - Logic Presets - Mixing Setups, Special Offers


Music Production Mixing F.A.Q. Music Production Mixing F.A.Q.

Mixing at our studio, FAQ about mixing music such as Pop, RnB, Dance, and Electronic.


Gallery Gallery

Here you can find some beatiful pictures of our products.


Slideshow - Pictures from the Studio Slideshow - Pictures from the Studio

Arrangement - Mixdown - Mastering - Song Production in the Genres: RnB, Pop, Dance, and Electronic

CreativeBlue - Mixing Studio

Welcome to our mixing & mastering studio in Berlin!

Our new hybrid Mixing Studio allows total integration of our outboard gear into the digital audio workstation (DAW). All outboard gear can be used in any combination and routing in the DAW, using a new, absolutelly high end software-controlled analog routing matrix. This is something unique you will not find in any other studios! That's why in our studio it's possible to use all our outboard gear in the same workflow, as fast as you would use plugins.


Our mixing studio in Berlin is a professional Mixing Studio & Musicproduction. If you want your music to be mixed, this is the right place. Just take a short tour on this site. We also have an equipment list in the technical menu.

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The Right Sound for your Music

A quality mixdown in a professional studio is a vital part of a good music production. It is mostly about finding the right final sound to bring the best out of the song in its genre, and further to implement the vision of the producer and artist. We use specific techniques and equipment to make your song sound its best through the radio, TV, and consumer audio systems. We will work to make your music sound great and fit your production to the taste of listeners.

Genres we are mixing

We specialize in mixing for the genres of Pop, RnB, Dance, and Electronic. Our studio is equipped with lots of outboard gear as well as countless digital software plugins. We are fully compatible with ProTools and Logic. If your project is in another format, this shouldn't be a problem for us.


Mixing Engineer

Our mixing engineer, Markus Kretschmer, has been running the mixing studio for over 8 years. You can eMail him and talk with him about your music project. His latest projects can be found on his discogs page, or on the reference list on the official German website - www.creativeblue.de.

mixingservice tonstudio mixingOnline Mixing Service:

We do offer our mixing service completely online. You can upload your tracks and session file. We accept Protools and Logic sessions which are well prepared. If you have questions how to export or upload your session for mixing please also read our F.A.Q.

If you still have any questions, you can reach us per eMail at music@creativeblue.de
Or just call us! For Germany, dial: 0049 - 30 - 7478 1432


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