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Phone: 0049 - 30 - 7478 1432
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Stem Mastering | Mixing Stem Mastering | Mixing

Mixing & Stem Mastering - got the right mix and need a good mastering? Get Stem-Mastering on affordable rates. Analog Mixing & Mastering Studio

Arrangement | Mixdown | Recording Services Arrangement | Mixdown | Recording Services

Arrangement, Mixdown, Recording, Mastering Service - Now get high quality arrangement, recording and mixing for your song! Our studio in Berlin has a large recording space and a lot of excellent analo

Downloads | Presets | Special Offers Downloads | Presets | Special Offers

Creative Blue Music Production - Logic Presets - Mixing Setups, Special Offers

Arrangement | Music Production | Sound Design - CreativeBlue.eu

Instrumental Arrangement:

In a music arrangement we can combine classic synths and instruments with modern samples and software synthesizers to create a new and modern sound. We work in the genres Pop, RnB and Dance. We can write a fashionable arrangement for your song.


What is an arrangement, what do I get?

When we do an arrangement for you, you will get each individual audio track, so you can use them in your future productions and maintain full flexibility. You can use the instrumental
arrangements we provide for playback, for recording, as backing tracks for your live shows, or simply as tracks in the arrangement for your final production or mixdown.

Available Online:

Our instrumental arrangement service is also available completely online. Just send us your song, logic/protools session or music tracks and get a professional sounding arrangement a few days later.


Need an arrangement with modern sounds?

eMail us
at music@creativeblue.de

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